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Forest Data Bank is a data warehouse collecting, processing and sharing information concerning forests of all ownership forms in Poland. 

BDL objectives:



Main objectives of the Forest Data Bank:

  • to collect, systematically enlarge, update and store data on forests of all ownership forms,
  • to process data in order to foster its proper interpretation,
  • to enable analysis and forecasting of forest resources increase and prospects for their use on a macro-scale,
  • to present, disseminate and share information on forests and to support scientific research,
  • to promote standards of collecting and processing data on forest and nature resources.

The achievement of the above-mentioned objectives should ensure in particular:

  • providing information on the condition of forests, changes of their state and management regardless their ownership, but combined with nature conservation requirements and the state of natural environment in general. The data users are various organisational and managing levels in the forestry, but the data is also accessible for the purposes of spatial planning, science, public and international statistics,
  • preparing analyses, syntheses and forecasts describing changes in size and condition of forest resources, the principal felling capacity and structure in forests of different ownership forms,
  • presenting aggregate data in form both of reports (charts, summaries) and of maps, cross-sected by administrative and economic divisions of the country, or the natural boundaries.

Forest Data Bank (BDL) is to provide information not only at the central level but also regional and local ones, however with varying degree of details and in various forms customised to suit the needs of different users.

For more information, visit www.bdl.lasy.gov.pl.

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